Bedside Table Decor Ideas

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Looking to elevate your bedroom’s style with decorative accents tailored specifically for the intimacy of your bedside tables?

Creative styling of these personal spaces allows you to infuse cozy inspiration into the transitional views welcoming you to dreamland each night and returning you to the waking world each morning.

In this comprehensive guide, discover 13 on-trend bedside table décor ideas spanning flowers, candles, trays, photos, sculptures and beyond guaranteed to delight your decorative side while complementing restful sleep.

We’ll explore optimal tips for executing the aesthetic bedside visions of living rent-free in your mind through actionable, renter-friendly ideas equally adaptable to rented apartments or owned homes.

Things You Should Consider When Decorating a Bedside Table

When decorating a bedside table, there are a few key things you’ll want to consider:

1. Functionality – The main purpose of a bedside table is to have a surface to place items you use often, like alarm clocks, books, glasses of water, etc. Make sure the items you place there are useful and easy to access from the bed.

2. Aesthetics – While functional, a bedside table should also look nice and match the style of your bedroom. Consider color, texture, and consistency with other furniture when decorating.

3. Space – Bedside tables come in different shapes and sizes. Take measurements to determine what you can realistically fit on and around your bedside table.

4. Personalization – Decorate your bedside table in a way that reflects your personal style and what makes you happy. Family photos, favorite books, and meaningful travel trinkets are great.

Here Are 13 Creative Bedside Table Decor Ideas

1. Fresh Flowers and Greenery

Fresh Flowers and Greenery

Incorporating fresh flowers and greenery is a lovely way to brighten up your bedside table. Opt for a petite vase or two filled with colorful blooms like tulips, peonies, or roses. The vibrant colors will instantly energize the space. For longer-lasting decoration, succulents, mini cactuses, or low-maintenance pothos vines add fresh texture and interest. If you don’t have a green thumb, faux flowers and eucalyptus stems make a convincing alternative for hassle-free refreshment. Arrange your floral accents symmetrically or asymmetrically for additional visual dynamics.

2. Book Stacks

Book Stacks

Stacking a few of your latest bookstore finds or current favorite reads makes for both decoration and handy bedtime materials. Opt for books in coordinating colored bindings, alternate with decorative bookends, or add framed bookish prints to the stack for extra ornamentation. For storage beyond what your bedside tables can handle, incorporate a small bookshelf or extra woven baskets near the bed to organize overflow while keeping reading materials within arm’s reach.

3. Pretty Boxes

Stashing watches, earrings, rings or other small bedside accessories in a set of plush-lined jewelry boxes instantly elevates organization and style. Select lacquered cases in complementary tones, materials like tweed or velvet, or whimsical painted designs to coordinate with your bedroom’s color palette. Nestle the boxes amongst books, floral arrangements, ceramic dishes or candles to incorporate as decorative accents when closed.

4. Meaningful Photos

Display favorite photos of loved ones, beloved pets or cherished memories for a personalized element. Opt for casual frames that reflect your decor style, from sleek metallics to ornate silver filigrees. Then prop prominently against books, dishes, or other accessories or lean against the wall creatively. You can also opt for pinning photos directly to a bulletin board for a playful presentation. Swapping out images seasonally prevents visual fatigue.

5. Scented Candles

Scented Candles

Few things set a relaxing mood better than softly flickering candlelight paired with the gentle aroma of a scented candle. Choose a pretty vessel that matches your bedroom’s color scheme and decor style. The scent with calming lavender, refreshing citrus zest, cozy vanilla or seasonal special editions. Just be sure to clip wicks properly before lighting and avoid leaving flames unattended. Battery-powered candle alternatives eliminate fire risk while mimicking flickers.

6. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser

For a zen addition that emits lovely scents sans smoke, try a compact essential oil diffuser. These provide tranquil ambient lighting effects and skin-friendly essential oil aroma breaths to encourage rest. Opt for an easy-to-clean model that coordinates pleasingly with nightstand decor through neutral tones, faux wood grain, or ornate carved details. Then add your choice of essential oil to scent the air with clarifying minty menthol, relaxing lavender vanilla or eucalyptus, or bright citrus depending on your mood.

7. Small Sculptures

Small Sculptures

Tiny sculptures make excellent focal points and color pops for a bedside vignette. Consider materials like smooth marble orb paperweights, glazed ceramic animals, carved sandstone eggs or metallic animal busts. Gold-leafed Buddha heads or Venus figurines add worldly flair while abstract colored glass art feels more modern. Place sculptures upon books or shelving to draw attention.

8. Mirrored Tray

A mirrored tray upon your nightstand instantly provides a double dose of surface space plus unlimited “visual enlarging” for a small area through reflective properties. Opt for an organically shaped item like an oval or freeform shape rather than expected rectangles. Incorporate items atop the tray in odd-numbered groupings for added interest. Then angle slightly towards the bed to “catch the light” and amplify dimensions through shimmery reflections.

9. Monogrammed Dish

Add special significance with a fabric-lined jewelry dish, lettered canister, or embroidered catch-all tray monogrammed with your initial. Choose classic silver or gold thread against colors like ivory linen, blush velvet, navy felt or tan leather. Customization with first name or “Est” date recalls vintage luggage tags for old-world personality. Use the piece to hold precious rings, cufflinks or watches.

10. Vintage Finds

Vintage Finds

Seek out dainty vintage items to grant your bedside table one-of-a-kind charm. Dome-shaped jewelry boxes with velvet-lined compartments, feminine perfume bottles, etched crystal inkwells, or silver bristle hairbrushes infuse traditional glamour. Spinning book displays allow space for both alarm clocks and your favorite title. Framed flower prints or black and white photos from eras past complete the eclectic elegance.

11. Ceramic Animal Planters

For organic texture with a side of whimsy, situate a petite planter shaped like an animal bust amongst your bedside vignette. Faux succulents, air plants, or trailing ivy vines pouring from the open mouths of fish, rabbits, turtles and birds add an unexpectedly cute touch. If a live plant won’t thrive in low light, simple pebbles or moss inside cements the creature’s impersonation.

12. Bold Throw Pillow

Make the bedside tableau pop through the addition of a striking embroidered, patterned or vividly hued throw pillow. Supporting against the headboard backing creates a colorful anchor point you see both propped up reading and lying down drifting off. Opt for graphic ikat prints, painterly florals, or vivid scenic depictions rendered in textile arts for diverse options. then pull out punchy coordinating colors in other accessories.

13. Woven Basket

Incorporating one or more woven baskets keeps bedside items neatly corralled while providing organic texture. Deep hamper style holders stash extra throws and pillows accessibly. Shallow trays perfectly file books, e-readers, remotes and devices within reach. Round shapes feel pleasingly curved against the bed’s right angles. And removable handles enable porting books while lounging comfortably. Choose neutral-toned, undyed varieties or boldly hued blue, green and red stain options.

Additional Tips and Tricks to Decorate Bedside Table

1. Change items with the seasons to keep your space feeling fresh. Swap winter sweaters for summery candle holders or greenery.

2. Ensure proper lighting with a small bedside lamp. Go for warm lighting that is bright enough to read by.

3. Only keep necessities handy that you actually use at bedtime, like reading glasses, lip balm, and sleep masks. Avoid clutter.

4. Play with heights by using decorative boxes, trays, and book stacks to give visual interest through layers.

5. Mix styles such as modern and bohemian or rustic and elegant for an eclectic, curated feel. Varied textures also help.

Frequently Asked Questions On Bedside Table Decor Ideas

What items do people commonly keep on a bedside table?

Some of the most common items are books, reading glasses, alarm clocks, small table lamps, water bottles, phones/devices, tablets, remotes, candles, plants, snacks, journals or notepads.

How do I create harmony between two bedside tables in the same room?

Keep bedside tables cohesive through color schemes, materials and decorative item pairings. You can vary their styles slightly, but major elements should be similar so they complement one another.

What are quick ways to decorate a rental apartment bedside table?

When renting and unable to make permanent changes, try framed photos, pretty boxes, baskets for storage, ceramic vessels for pens/flowers, candles, throw blankets or color-coordinated accessories you can easily remove like pillows.

What safety tips should I follow when decorating a bedside table?

Opt for LED bulbs in lamps, securely position electrical and fragile items, keep fabrics/plants away from heat sources, only display flameless candles and make sure openings on woven baskets or shelves won’t allow small objects to fall through onto floor.

How often should I switch out bedside table decorative items?

It’s best to refresh bedside accessories 1-2 times per year as seasons shift. But if you grow tired of items sooner, follow your instincts to keep the space uplifting. Little updates every 1-3 months can help.

Bedside Table Decor Ideas

Final Thoughts

Decorating your bedside table allows you to infuse personality and comfort into the last space you see at night and first in the morning.

Follow your tastes and lifestyle needs when selecting decorative items for this intimate zone.

Don’t be afraid to have fun with the styling by mixing colors, textures and layered accessories to cozy, beautiful effect.

Update and edit items as your style evolves for an always-inspiring bedside tablescape.

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