Boho Scandinavian Living Room Ideas

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Looking to infuse free-spirited boho style into your Scandinavian-inspired living room?

I’ve gathered 15 of my favorite boho Scandinavian living room ideas to help you design a space that feels tranquil yet playful, filled with character and visual interest.

Whether you prefer a more casual, laidback look with floor poufs and handcrafted touches or a dreamy, romantic vibe with trailing plants and candlelight, these bohemian Scandinavian ideas spark creativity for fashioning your own Nordic nomad retreat.

Let these global-inspired ideas spark your creativity as you blend casual bohemian furnishings and decor with Scandinavian minimalism for the dreamiest relaxed sanctuary.

Boho Scandinavian Living Room Ideas

1. Incorporate Boho Accents

Incorporate Boho Accents

Boho is all about the details so have fun accessorizing! Painted terra cotta pots for trailing plants, a handwoven dreamcatcher over the bed, hammered brass candleholders, pom pom and tassel trims everywhere imaginable. Every new find fills your heart with delight. Display your flea market treasures prominently – maybe on open shelves or mantels. The more eclectic and far-reaching the origins, the better. Let your accessories tell the cultural stories.

2. Lots of Plants

Lots of Plants

Lots of lush plants breathe life into your space with natural beauty while purifying the air – it’s a win/win. Trailing ivy cascading down in front of a big sunny window looks gorgeous. Potted palms tucked into the corners add nice height variation and make use of empty space. And that tree stump side table with a plant looks so cool and brings the outdoors in. You’ll have your own urban indoor jungle in no time!

3. Woven Textures

Woven Textures
Courtesy of dashingdarlin

Woven natural textures like jute area rugs, soft cotton throws, and rattan side tables keep things feeling casually earthy and grounded. The rugs layer nicely over your floors with added coziness underfoot. Drapes cotton throws make furniture more inviting. And rattan furnishings blend modern shapes with organic textures. It’s all about that welcoming, comfy vibe.

4. Neutral Color Palette

Neutral Color Palette
Courtesy of blog.ruggable

A neutral beige, cream and light wood color scheme emanates the true essence of Scandinavian minimalism and creates a dreamy, cloud-like backdrop. Pops of color from pillows, plants, art and accessories punctuate the palette with brightness that won’t overwhelm. You’ll feel peaceful and dreamy every time you relax there.

5. Natural Materials

Natural Materials

Natural materials like rattan, wood ceramics and stone complement the lush plants beautifully while bringing organic texture and earthiness. The combination of the woven and solid natural pieces grounds the space perfectly. And the sculptural shapes and global artisan vibe ties everything together. I just know you’ll love surrounding yourself with all these natural elements as your lush boho oasis takes shape!

6. Floor Poufs & Cushions

Floor Poufs & Cushions
Courtesy of benisouk

Cozy floor poufs and plush cushions create the perfect casual seating around your Moroccan-style coffee table for guests to lounge on. The poufs can be moved around easily to accommodate groups, layered with cushions for ultimate comfort. Beautiful boho patterns and textures everywhere surround you and your friends in style and luxury.

7. Macrame Wall Hangings & Tapestries

Macrame Wall Hangings & Tapestries

Macramé wall hangings and Turkish tapestries instantly infuse artistic free-spirited vibes and become fantastic textured focal points around your space. That large macramé you’ve had your eye on would look so perfect hanging above the sofa. And I can picture an intricate Turkish tapestry on the back wall already, pulling the whole cohesive look together beautifully!

8. Gallery Walls With Eclectic Art

Gallery Walls With Eclectic Art
Courtesy of 1000-welcomes

An eclectic gallery wall filled with various paintings, prints, photographs and 3D art is a fantastic way to inject color, texture and visual interest. The scattered asymetrical arrangement has high visual impact and gives guests fascinating little details to discover. Whenever you need a change, the museum putty makes rearranging everything so easy!

9. Patterned Fabrics

Patterned Fabrics

Global patterned quilts, embroidered pillows and cozy knit throws in all different fabrics and color motifs bring out playful textures and vibrance. Layer them everywhere – framed prints, abstract paintings, pressed botanicals and sculptural pieces. The mix of vivid patterns, textures and silhouettes never fails to impress. And finding new treasures to add in along the way quickly becomes addictive!

10. Vintage Furniture

Vintage Furniture

The charm of a distressed wood cabinet, carved antique side table or velvet mid-century armchair makes them instant statement showstoppers – and thrifting for vintage goods is part of the fun! Beyond their visual appeal, they effortlessly blend modern and antique styles for lots of character. Each vintage find tells its own unique story to enlighten your space.

11. Lots of Natural Light

Lots of Natural Light
Courtesy of Kamille Magette

Ample natural light keeps your living room feeling bright, airy and spacious thanks to big beautiful windows, French doors opening to your balcony, and well-placed daylight lamps. When the sun goes down, thoughtful lighting choices with warm lamp temperatures provide the same inviting ambiance sans glare. It makes all the difference in creating that perfect calming retreat.

12. Candles & Lanterns

Candles & Lanterns

Candles and lanterns artfully scattered about on various surfaces at differing heights cast a warm, cozy glow come evening. Your coffee table already looks so lovely with scattered candlesticks and a glass-encased hurricane. A few more candles along the console and floating shelves make the atmosphere even more magical. And those floor lanterns washing the walls with flicker light? Absolute perfection!

13. Cozy & Comfy

Cozy & Comfy
Courtesy of kayleighzaraa

Nothing sets the welcoming mood for relaxing better than layers of cozy textiles and pillows. Wool knit blankets, cashmere-soft throws, sheepskin rugs, a hand-crocheted collar around a floor lamp…envelop yourself in tactile goodness! Placing floor cushions by a low table lets you lounge comfortably without chairs getting in the way. And don’t forget the pillows – mix up the pile heights, fabrics and trims for pure texture heaven.

14. Multipurpose Furniture

Multipurpose Furniture

Finding furniture and décor that can serve more than one function is the best way to maximize both space and investment. An ottoman with hidden storage, a trunk that doubles as a coffee table, a bench seat at the foot of your bed with cubbies—these multipurpose gems are lifesavers! Not to mention they blend seamlessly into the style since global-inspired design often means furniture does more than meet the eye. Get creative and efficient all at once.

15. Choose Low-Lying Furniture

Choose Low-Lying Furniture

To keep sightlines open and movement fluid from your entry through the living spaces, choose furnishings with a lower profile. Think tasseled floor poufs and handwoven kilim pillows for casual, moveable seating. Upholstered divan beds work great instead of bulky box frames. And for your foundation, a bench with cubbies or midcentury daybed framed by an area rug does the job beautifully. The lighter visually weight makes rooms feel more spacious and airy.

Boho Scandinavian Living Room Ideas

Final Thoughts

Blending the textural, global elements of bohemian style with the minimalist simplicity of Scandinavian design allows you to create a living room that feels both casually styled and intentionally curated.

Keep airy lightness with neutral tones punctuated by vintage pops of pattern and color.

Incorporate organic materials like wood, rattan, and cotton for warmth and texture.

Display your ever-changing collection of travel treasures and artisan crafts arranged in an eclectic gallery wall collage.

Finally, indulge in layers of cozy textiles you can envelop yourself in.

Let these boho Scandinavian living room ideas guide you toward fashioning the perfect spot to unwind and find inspiration for wherever your free spirit takes you next.

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