Amazing Deep Cleaning Hacks for Lazy People

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Deep cleaning the house from top to bottom can seem impossible for the lazy person. We all want that refreshing clean feeling in our homes without putting in the back-breaking effort.

Well, get ready to discover some game-changing deep cleaning hacks that maximize your cleaning power while allowing you to lounge guilt-free. These clever shortcuts use common household items in ingenious ways to do the hard work for you.

From powerful stain removers to effortless scrubbing solutions, this list of 41 awesome deep cleaning hacks will give you an immaculate home in no time.

41 Lazy Cleaning Tricks for a Spotless Home

1. Dust with a Damp Cloth for a Deeper Clean

We all know dry dusting just moves dust around. For a deeper clean, grab a microfiber cloth, get it damp with water, and wipe down surfaces. The water helps lift and trap dust instead of just spreading it around. It may take a few extra minutes, but your shelves, desktop, and TV stand will look brand new.

2. Vinegar-Water: Window Washing Duo

Tired of streaky, dirty windows? Skip the chemical-laden sprays and mix up your effective cleaning solution. Fill a spray bottle with equal parts white vinegar and water. Spritz your windows and use newspaper or a microfiber cloth to wipe clean. The vinegar cuts through grime while the newspaper (or cloth) polishes without leaving lint or streaks. Sparkling windows have never been so easy.

3. Squeegee Away Shower Grime

Soap scum and mineral deposits can make your shower look downright nasty. Skip the elbow grease and let a squeegee do the work for you. After each shower, quickly run a rubber squeegee down the walls and along the shower floor. It’ll whisk away the grime and moisture, leaving your tiles gleaming.

4. Free Your Vacuum’s Brush from Tangles

Is your vacuum struggling to pick up crumbs? It might be time to clear out the bristles. Grab a pair of scissors and carefully cut away any strands of hair wrapped around the brush roll. Snip away tangled fuzz in the crevices too. Removing all that trapped debris will increase suction power so your vacuum can work like new again.

5. Lemon Steam Cleans Microwave Grime

Microwave splatters can be a pain to scrub. Let lemon juice and steam do the dirty work instead. Pop a bowl of water with lemon slices into the microwave and heat for 2-3 minutes. The hot steam from the water will soften caked-on food, making it easier to wipe away. Plus, the lemon adds a touch of grease-cutting power.

6. Ice Cubes + Soap Grind Garbage Disposals

If your sink smells or your disposal seems sluggish, revive it with some ice and suds. Toss a few ice cubes down the drain, turn on the disposal, and let it run for a minute. Then add a spoonful of dish soap while the disposal runs. The ice helps knock off gunk while the soap scrubs away grease and odors.

7. Monthly Machine Sanitizer Keeps Washers Clean

Don’t let your clothes washer turn into a mildewed mess. Once a month, pour two cups of white vinegar directly into the machine drum. Run a hot cycle to sanitize and remove sticky residue.

8. Vinegar Soak Showerheads to Shine

Hard water can leave mineral deposits that clog up showerheads and reduce water pressure. Bring back the shine and strength of your shower spray with a simple vinegar treatment. Remove the showerhead and submerge it in a bowl of undiluted white vinegar. Let it soak for 30 minutes before scrubbing away buildup with an old toothbrush.

9. Pillowcase Fan Blade Wipes

Use what you have to dust tricky spots like ceiling fans. Simply slip a pillowcase over each fan blade, grasp the open end, and slide to wipe away dust and dirt. The fabric attracts and traps debris better than a rag, and the pillowcase trick keeps the mess contained.

10. Sock Dusting for Hard-to-Reach Spots

Don’t struggle to dust tall shelves, ceiling corners, and fan blades. For an easy tool, slip an old sock over your hand. The sock’s soft fabric flexes into crevices, grabs dust, and won’t scratch delicate surfaces. Plus, the sock’s stretchy cuff secures it around your hand so you can get a good grip.

11. Overnight Bowl of Baking Soda Destinks Toilet

For fresh-smelling toilets without heavy scrubbing, sprinkle baking soda into the bowl before bed. Let it sit and bubble overnight to neutralize odors. In the morning, grab your toilet brush and scrub to send grime and smells down the drain. The soda loosens gunk for an easier clean.

12. Razor Away Shower Scum

Shower doors covered in soap scum are no match for a simple razor. Hold a disposable razor at an angle and carefully scrape down the door, letting the razor blade shear off built-up gunk and residue. It takes a light touch, but a razor can remove layers of sticky film quickly and easily.

13. Vacuum Dryer Vents for Super Fast Drying

Are long drying times getting you down? Speed things up by grabbing your vacuum and cleaning the lint trap and vent line. Use the hose attachment to vacuum out any lint clogging the tubing. Removing trapped lint promotes air circulation for faster drying and prevents potential dryer fires. Consider it regularly scheduled maintenance.

14. Oven Self-Clean Cycle Deep Cleans Grates

That crusty, crumb-covered oven grate needs more than a washcloth and elbow grease. Let your oven do the scrubbing for you. Remove the grates and place them directly on the oven floor. Run the self-cleaning cycle to incinerate all the stuck-on grime. In just a couple of hours, your grates will emerge looking nearly new.

15. Toothpick + Rubbing Alcohol Attack Bathroom Gunk

Cleaning toothpaste smears and soap scum in the bathroom can be a tedious chore. Make it easier by keeping rubbing alcohol and toothpicks on hand. Dip the toothpick in alcohol and use it to scrape away hardened gunk in the sink, tile crevices, and along the vanity. The alcohol dissolves sticky buildup on contact.

16. Vacuum Vents and Return to Clear Dust Bunnies

Out-of-sight vents and returns still need cleaning. Attach a crevice tool to your vacuum hose and insert it into each vent. Work your way around the openings of air vents to remove built-up pet hair, lint, and dust clumps that restrict airflow. Give vents a good quarterly cleaning to improve air quality and furnace efficiency.

17. Vinegar Rinse for Faucet Deposit Removal

Hard water stains and mineral deposits can make faucets look grimy. For a shine that pops, fill a small bowl with undiluted white vinegar and place it over the faucet and around the handles. Let the vinegar sit for an hour to dissolve the residue. Wipe with a soft cloth and buff with a dry one. Your fixtures will look polished and new.

18. Baking Soda Drain Flush Deodorizes Pipes

Does your kitchen sink or tub drain smell less-than-fresh? Baking soda is here to the rescue. Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda down the drain, follow with 1 cup of white vinegar, and cover the drain. The reaction will foam and fizz, breaking up gunk inside the pipes. Then flush with boiling water to rinse debris away and deodorize.

19. Get Organized with Soda Can Cabinets

Don’t let cabinets turn into black holes. Upcycle empty soda cans into organizers for snacks, spices, cleaners, and more. Remove the tops, clean thoroughly, and label them before stacking them to corral all those loose items. The repurposed cans add structure while keeping necessities within reach.

20. Baking Soda Toothbrush Grout Scrub

Dirty grout can make a nice tile floor look dingy and dated. Get grout looking fresh with an easy baking soda scrub. Sprinkle baking soda onto grout then use an old, dampened toothbrush to scrub gently. Let it sit for 5 minutes before rinsing clean. The mild abrasive action brightens grout without harsh chemicals.

21. Salt, Lemon and Water Cutting Board Cleaner

Keep cutting boards clean with ingredients from your kitchen. After use, sprinkle a cutting board with salt and rub a lemon half over the surface. Let it sit briefly before rinsing it with hot water. The salt lifts debris while the lemon kills bacteria. It’s a quick refresh for fresh-smelling boards.

22. Freshen Pillows and Cushions with a Fluff Cycle

Lumpy, musty couch cushions are no good. Freshen them up by tossing the removable covers in the wash. For one-piece cushions, place them in the dryer on air fluff mode for 5-10 minutes. The heat helps release odors and fluff crushed spots. Avoid dryer sheets, as lingering fragrance can attract pet odor.

23. Lint Roll Lamp Shades and Upholstery Dust-Free

Dust sticks to lampshades and fabric furniture like glue. Make lint rollers your new cleaning sidekick. Quickly roll them over upholstered and curved surfaces to lift pet hair, lint, dust, and dander. They’re portable, fast, and great for detail work in hard-to-reach spots.

24. Clean Coils for an Efficient Fridge

Don’t let your fridge turn into a dust bunny habitat. To maintain cooling efficiency, vacuum the condenser coils located on the back of your fridge every three months. Remove collected pet hair, lint, and debris so air can properly circulate. A clean condenser motor uses less energy and keeps food colder.

25. DIY Air Fresheners in Tins

Skip the artificial fragrances and make your own subtle, all-natural air fresheners. Place candle wax, essential oils, or dried lemon and orange peels in small tins. Position near air vents or in sunny windows where heat helps diffuse the natural scents through the room. You’ll breathe easy knowing there are no mystery chemicals.

26. Dawn Dish Soap for Delicate Fabrics

Don’t be afraid to hand wash delicate clothing and upholstery with trusty blue Dawn. Fill a basin with cool water and add just a drop or two of Dawn dish soap. Let heavily soiled items soak before gently scrubbing stains. The soap cuts grease, lifts odors, and washes clean without fade or damage.

27. Vinegar Soak Dishes to Remove Grime

Let vinegar help tackle stuck-on food on dishes. For casserole pans and baking sheets, fill with warm water and add 1 cup vinegar. For regular plates and utensils, soak in a basin of 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water. After soaking for an hour, scrub and rinse to reveal shine. Vinegar is a natural degreaser.

28. Dawn Jewelry Soak with Toothbrush Scrub

Diamonds and gold aren’t the only things that sparkle. Refresh faded jewelry with a sudsy soak. Place pieces in a bowl of warm water with a drop of Dawn dish soap. Let soak 5 minutes before using a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub away grime. Rinse and pat dry for a just-purchased glow.

29. Absorb Oil Spills with Dawn Soap and Kitty Litter

Oil drips on the garage floor can create a slippery mess. Tackle the grease with dish soap and kitty litter. Sprinkle litter over the spill and let sit for 10 minutes to absorb. Then sweep up the litter and scrub the spot with warm, soapy water. The litter soaks up grease so it can be washed away.

30. Freshen Trash Cans with Baking Soda

Keep trash cans smelling fresh between changes with a baking soda treatment. After removing bagged waste, sprinkle baking soda into the empty can. Swish around to coat the bottom and sides before putting in a clean liner. The soda neutralizes odors and absorbs messes for next time.

31. Sock and Duster Detail Baseboards and Ceilings

Blast away dust bunnies with a simple sock and duster combo. Slip a sock over your hand to swipe along floor trim, ceiling corners, fans, and blinds. Then use a soft microfiber duster on shelves, window sills, and surfaces too high to reach. You’ll have the whole room dust-free in minutes.

32. Soak Grime Away with Dishwasher Tablets

Don’t throw away stained plastic containers – revive them with the dishwasher! Place water-safe containers in the dishwasher and throw in a tablet. Run a hot wash cycle to lift grease and stain buildup. Pots, food storage, and even toys come out looking new again with this powerhouse treatment.

33. Tile Scrub with Baking Soda, Peroxide and Soap

Is Grout looking grimy? This homemade tile scrubber can help. Mix baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and blue Dawn dish soap into a thick paste. Apply to grout with an old toothbrush and let sit for 5 minutes. The peroxide bubbles away gunk so you can rinse it to reveal brighter grout.

34. Freshen Musty Towels with Vinegar or Pine Sol

Towels left wadded up get musty fast. Freshen them between washes by filling your basin or bathtub with warm water and 1 cup of white vinegar or 1/4 cup of Pine Sol. Place towels in to soak for an hour, then run through the washing machine. Either solution kills odors and sanitizes naturally.

35. Use a Knife to Clean Crumb-y Toaster

Don’t let your toaster turn into a crumb timebomb. Unplug it first, then carefully use a butter knife to scrape debris stuck between heating slots. Once loose crumbs are removed, tip the toaster over a garbage can and gently shake out any remaining pieces for a full refresh.

36. Remove Carpet Stains with Club Soda

Accidents happen, but club soda can erase carpet stains. Immediately pour club soda directly onto the stain, let sit for 2-3 minutes, then dab up moisture with a clean cloth. The carbonation helps lift discoloration without rough scrubbing. Catch stains quickly for best results.

37. Wood Cleaner: Olive Oil and Lemon Juice

Ditch commercial products and naturally clean wood surfaces with pantry staples. Mix equal parts olive oil and lemon juice and rub onto wood using a soft cloth. The oil moisturizes while the acid in lemon cuts grime. Buff afterward with a dry cloth for a polished look.

38. Dissolve Stickers with Rubbing Alcohol

Residue and gunk left behind by stickers can make removal a messy hassle. Soak stickers with rubbing alcohol first to dissolve the adhesive. Once saturated, they’ll peel up easily without leaving a sticky mess behind. Keep some alcohol handy for effortless sticker cleanup.

39. Bleach Wash Kills Mold in Washers

Mold and mildew grow quickly in musty washing machines. Sanitize and deodorize yours with a hot bleach cycle. Pour 1 cup of bleach into the detergent dispenser. Run a hot wash to kill mold and spores throughout the tub and internal components. Follow up by running an empty rinse cycle.

40. Fan First, Floor Second to Limit Resettling Dust

Save yourself some aggravation by dusting from top to bottom. Start by using a ceiling fan duster to swipe blades and lights. Then use a damp cloth on shelves and surfaces. Vacuum floors and under furniture last. This prevents dust from resettling so you only have to clean each spot once.

41. Lint Roll Lampshades for a Dust-Free Glow

Don’t use harsh chemicals on delicate fabric lampshades. Detach them and use a lint roller to clean them instead. The sticky sheets lift pet hair, dust particles, bugs, and debris. Rolling also fluffs up crushed fabric on the shades. In minutes, you’ve got bright, dust-free lighting.

Final Thoughts on Deep Cleaning Hacks for Lazy People

With a little creativity and strategic laziness, it’s possible to get a deep clean without exhausting yourself. These 41 ingenious tips and tricks give you a sparkling, fresh home in half the time using common household items. No expensive cleaners or back-breaking effort is required! May these hacks give you the keys to a spotless yet effortless abode so you can relax knowing each surface shines.

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