DIY Valentines Day Decor Ideas

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Looking for adorable, budget-friendly ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day? This roundup has you covered with over 30 DIY Valentine’s Day decor ideas that spread love through your home with handmade charm.

From quick and easy no-sew garlands to intricate paper flower bouquets, craft meaningful pieces out of simple supplies like paper, felt, burlap, paint, and mason jars. Inject romance into any space with tablescapes and candle lighting, wall art and wreaths, banners, and backdrops that you customize yourself.

Handmake love-filled touches like heart pillows, lavender sachets, and canvas wall art, or incorporate favorite photos, love letters, and memories. Red, white, and pink palettes pair beautifully with lace and ribbons for the mood you want.

Discover cheap homemade accents and focal points for every skill level. Amp up the cozy factor and proclaim affection proudly through displayed décor and gesture gifts made with lots of heart.

DIY Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

35 DIY Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas on a Budget

35. Valentine’s Day DIY Canvas Heart Art

What better way to decorate for love’s holiday than with heart art you make yourself? A canvas gives you a structured base for getting creative with paints or fabric in bright reds, pinks, and purples. It results in an eye-catching, handmade focal piece.

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34. Valentine DIY Lavender Sachets

These sachets craft relaxation, tranquility, and coziness into portable pouches, helping set a peaceful romantic mood. Making them yourself allows customization with lace, ribbons, fabrics, and burlap for accent touches. Enjoy their smell and reusable nature for years.

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33. DIY Love Valentine’s Day Sign

Proudly proclaim the “love” with a sign crafted by your own hands. Choose from rustic woods, metals, and paints or sleek modern finishes to match your style. Add LED lights or glitter for extra dazzle! Display it inside or out to spread the affection.

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32. Burlap Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath

Burlap lends a cozy, natural texture perfect for pairing with cut-out felt or foam hearts. Creating a full wreath shape amps up the visual impact into a lovely focal piece. The neutral base allows the pops of red and pink to shine in any spot!

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31. DIY Fleece Valentine Heart Pillow

The fleece heart pillows add a cozy, cute touch that’s perfect for cuddling up with your loved one. They’re an easy, inexpensive project too.

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30. Paper Straw Easels

Paper straw easels make for a fun, colorful backdrop for photos, cards, or other displays. They allow you to get creative with minimal effort or cost.

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29. Valentines Backdrop With Yarn Hearts

Valentines Backdrop With Yarn Hearts

The yarn heart backdrop brings a handmade feel and pops of festive red. It could make for wonderful photo ops and décor all month long.

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28. Valentine Pillow

A Valentine’s pillow seamlessly incorporates the holiday into your everyday decor. The handstitched details give it personality and heart.

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27. Heart Doily Valentine Balloons Craft

Heart Doily Valentine Balloons Craft

Heart doily balloons craft a 3D decoration out of simple supplies. The balloons add height and whimsy to any spot.

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26. Felt Love Birds Ornaments

Felt Love Birds Ornaments

Felt love birds give you an everlasting Valentine piece to display year after year. They add handcrafted charm wherever they go.

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25. DIY Pom~Pom and Heart Valentine Garland

DIY Pom~Pom and Heart Valentine Garland

The pom pom and heart garland string up joyful bursts of color and texture across your space. It’s an easy way to infuse V-day magic.

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24. Cheap Picture Frames

Cheap Picture Frames

Picture frames allow you to print out favorite photos and memories to showcase. Decorating them with love makes them even more meaningful.

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23. Simple Bird Ornaments

Simple Bird Ornaments

Bird ornaments continue the love birds theme in a delicate style. They make sweet gifts or tree or garland accents.

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22. DIY Doily Honeycomb Decorations

DIY Doily Honeycomb Decorations

Doily honeycomb decorations layer beautiful textures and patterns for visual interest. The 3D creations add artistic flair.

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21. DIY Potion Bottles

DIY Potion Bottles

Potion bottles play into the “love potion” theme with whimsy and magic. They encourage the feeling of romance and affection.

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20. DIY XO XO Valentine’s Day Garland

DIY XO XO Valentine’s Day Garland

An XO XO garland spells out hugs and kisses in a bold, crafty display. It spreads the love visibly through any space.

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19. Valentine’s Day Banner

Valentines Day Banner

A banner proudly professes your feelings with handmade charm. It also adds pops of color and a focal point.

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18. DIY Valentine’s Day Mason Jar Cricut Lanterns

DIY Valentine’s Day Mason Jar Cricut Lantern

Lanterns cast a warm, affectionate glow while highlighting mason jars’ eclectic style. They set a mood with cozy lighting.

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17. Kitchen Cupboard Valentine’s Decor

Kitchen Cupboard Valentine Decor

Cupboard decor brings touches of red, pink, and white straight into the heart of your home. Keep the love close by!

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16. Valentine’s Day Mason Jar Bouquets

Valentine’s Day Mason Jar Bouquets

Bouquets allow you to arrange paper or fabric florals in repurposed mason jars for inexpensive, long-lasting beauty.

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15. Valentine’s Day Table Centerpiece

Valentine’s Day Table Centerpiece

A table centerpiece pulls together flowers, candles, and other accents into one stunning love-filled display.

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14. DIY Felt Ball Garland

DIY Felt Ball Garland

Felt Balls crafts an airy, sculptural garland that feels sweetly homemade. The whimsy matches the holiday’s playfulness.

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13. Candy Heart Valentine Bouquet

Candy Heart Valentine Bouquet

Candy heart bouquets creatively incorporate edible elements for bonus delight. They spread sweetness in more ways than one.

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12. DIY Fabric Hearts

 DIY Fabric Hearts

Fabric hearts add cozy, crafty richness and texture. Their possibilities are endless – wreaths, garlands, wall art, and more!

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11. Mason Jar with Chalky Paint

Mason Jar with Chalky Paint

Chalky paint mason jars quickly transform classic containers into shabby-chic, lovey accents full of handmade personality.

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10. DIY No-Sew Valentine Heart Garland

DIY No-Sew Valentine Heart Garland

A no-sew garland strings up simple folded hearts into a full, festive statement piece. It’s carefree to create and hang.

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09. DIY Folded Paper Hearts

DIY Folded Paper Hearts

More folded paper hearts continue the quick and easy theme for handmade results full of charm. They stock the décor affordably.

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08. DIY Heart Mason Jars

DIY Heart Mason Jars

Heart mason jars build upon beloved jars’ versatility with intricate painted and glittered designs. Their glow sets a romantic mood.

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07. Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers

Paper flower accents, garlands, and backdrops inject natural beauty through delicate crepe textures. Their elegance pairs perfectly with love’s richness.

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06. Sweet Valentine Garland with Hearts and Pom Poms

Sweet Valentine Garland with Hearts and Pom Poms

Pom pom garlands unify vibrant bursts of tissue paper into a full, eye-catching statement piece. They express pure joy and celebration!

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05. Valentine’s Heart Wreath

Valentine’s Heart Wreath

A front door wreath welcomes love and appreciation into your home and life. Its full, lush red creation sets the affectionate mood.

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04. Rose with Paper

Rose with Paper

Paper rose gifts or wearables add thoughtfulness with intricately crafted beauty. They also last without maintenance.

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03. DIY Valentine’s Love Letter Garland

DIY Valentines Love Letter Garland

Handwritten love letters become a personalized focal garland. Their vulnerability and authenticity are timeless.

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02. Valentine Heart Ornament Wreath

Valentine Heart Ornament Wreath

An ornament wreath creates concentrated pops of festive red for a big visual impact. It also incorporates meaningful memories.

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01. $2 Scallop Felt Heart Garland

$2 Scallop Felt Heart Garland

Felt Hearts keeps crafting easy and affordable while allowing unlimited styling possibilities. Bulk color pairs perfectly with love’s infinite nature!

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Final Thoughts

It doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive when it comes to getting your home holiday-ready. These DIY Valentine’s Day decor ideas prove that handmade touches crafted out of simple supplies can be just as meaningful and beautiful. Whether you want an easy garland or wreath to quickly inject some love or an intricate paper flower bouquet as a focal point, there are ideas for every skill level.

The act of customizing décor yourself makes the pieces even more special. Plus you can re-use them year after year, adding your own creative flair each time.

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