How To Cover A Mirror In The Bedroom: 11 Best Ideas

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So, you’ve got a mirror in your bedroom that you want to cover up, huh? Well, you’re in the right place!

Mirrors have an uncanny ability to reflect not only our physical selves but also our style, mood, and the essence of our living spaces.

However, there are times when that reflection doesn’t quite fit the vision we have for our bedroom.

Perhaps it’s the desire for more privacy, a yearning to infuse creativity into your decor, or simply the wish to redefine your space.

That’s where the art of covering a mirror in the bedroom comes into play.

It’s not just about concealing; it’s about crafting a canvas of possibilities.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through 11 of the best ideas to cover a mirror in your bedroom while balancing functionality and style.

You can cover a mirror in the bedroom by using options like curtains or drapes, furniture placement, a decorative mirror frame, a sliding barn door, creating a gallery wall, using window film, macrame, peel-and-stick wallpaper, hanging a tapestry, a privacy screen, or adding plants.

Whether you’re seeking elegance, a touch of the extraordinary, or simply a fresh perspective, I’ve got you covered—literally and figuratively.

How To Cover A Mirror In The Bedroom: 11 Best Ideas

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11 Ways To Cover A Mirror In The Bedroom

Covering a mirror in the bedroom can be a practical and decorative choice, depending on your preferences and needs. Here are 11 ideas to help you cover a mirror in your bedroom:

1. Curtains or Drapes

Curtains or Drapes

First up, let’s talk about curtains or drapes. This is one of my personal favorites.

Hanging some beautiful curtains in front of your mirror not only conceals it but also adds a touch of elegance to your bedroom.

It’s like a two-in-one solution. When you want to use the mirror, simply draw the curtains aside, and when you don’t, let them hang gracefully.

You’ll want to pick a fabric that complements your bedroom’s color scheme and style.

Then, it’s all about measuring, installing a rod, and hanging the curtains.

It’s a simple solution with a big impact.

2. Furniture Placement

Furniture Placement

Now, let’s talk about rearranging your furniture. This is a clever way to block the mirror’s view without hiding it completely.

Think of your mirror like it’s a secret passageway, and your furniture is the bouncer keeping it hidden.

Taller pieces like bookshelves, wardrobes, or decorative screens can work wonders here.

It’s like having your very own disguise for that mirror.

3. Decorative Mirror Frame

Transforming your mirror into a piece of art is a creative twist.

You can find decorative mirror frames in various styles to match your bedroom’s décor. It’s like giving your mirror a makeover.

You can choose from a wide range of frames to match your bedroom’s style – whether it’s rustic, modern, or classic.

I’ve always found that going for a frame that contrasts with the rest of the room’s colors really makes the mirror pop. It’s like giving your mirror its own little spotlight.

4. Sliding Barn Door

Sliding Barn Door

For those who love a rustic touch, a sliding barn door in front of your mirror is a brilliant choice.

It’s functional and visually appealing. When you want to use the mirror, simply slide it open; when you’re done, slide it shut.

It’s like having your own little secret room within your bedroom.

5. Create a Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

Why hide your mirror when you can turn it into a part of your bedroom’s decor?

Surround it with a gallery wall filled with framed photos, artwork, and personal mementos.

This draws attention away from the mirror and makes it a central part of your bedroom’s design.

6. Use Window Film

Window Film

Here’s an option that’s both practical and stylish.

Apply frosted or decorative window film to your mirror’s surface.

It’s a practical yet stylish solution that adds both privacy and a decorative touch.

Plus, it’s super easy to install with minimal effort required. Privacy and aesthetics, all in one!

7. Use Macrame

Use Macrame

If you’re into the bohemian chic style, consider covering your mirror with a beautiful macrame design.

It adds a touch of artistry and a warm, cozy feel to your bedroom.

You can even try your hand at creating your own macrame mirror cover as a fun DIY project.

8. Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Looking for a temporary and customizable solution? Peel-and-stick wallpaper is your answer.

You can choose from countless designs to match your bedroom’s theme, and it’s incredibly easy to apply.

When you’re ready for a change, just peel it off and replace it with something new.

9. Hang a Tapestry

Hang a Tapestry

Tapestries are fantastic for adding texture and color to your bedroom while covering your mirror.

Hang one over the mirror to create a soft, visually pleasing backdrop.

They come in various patterns and sizes, so you can find one that complements your style perfectly.

10. Use a Privacy Screen

Use Privacy Screen

Privacy screens aren’t just for outdoor use; they can also be fabulous dividers in your bedroom.

Find a stylish one that complements your decor, and you can easily position it in front of the mirror.

It adds a touch of elegance while keeping your reflection out of sight when needed.

11. Add Plants

Add Plants

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of greenery.

Plants can breathe life into your bedroom while providing a natural screen for your mirror.

They add freshness, color, and a calming atmosphere.

Just make sure to choose low-maintenance indoor plants to keep things stress-free.

Why Should We Cover the Mirror While Sleeping?

Covering a mirror while sleeping is a practice based on various beliefs and personal preferences. Here are some reasons why some people choose to cover mirrors in their bedrooms while they sleep:

1. Reducing Disturbances: Mirrors can reflect ambient light, and if your bedroom has sources of light from windows, electronics, or other sources, these reflections can be distracting when you’re trying to sleep. Covering the mirror can help darken the room, creating a more conducive environment for rest.

2. Reducing Anxiety: Some individuals believe that seeing their own reflection in the middle of the night can be unsettling or even induce anxiety. Covering the mirror can prevent you from accidentally catching a glimpse of yourself in the dark, which some people find comforting.

3. Superstitions and Beliefs: In some cultures and belief systems, mirrors are thought to be portals to other dimensions or are associated with supernatural entities. Covering mirrors while sleeping is considered a way to ward off negative energy, spirits, or bad luck.

4. Enhancing Sleep Quality: For those who are highly sensitive to their surroundings, the presence of a mirror in the bedroom might create a subconscious sense of being watched, which can affect sleep quality. Covering the mirror can alleviate this concern.

5. Aesthetics: Some individuals simply prefer the look of a covered mirror in their bedroom, as it can be integrated into the room’s decor or contribute to a sense of coziness.

It’s important to note that whether or not you choose to cover a mirror while sleeping is a matter of personal preference and belief. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that covering mirrors in the bedroom has a direct impact on sleep quality. Ultimately, the decision should be based on what makes you feel most comfortable and relaxed in your sleeping environment.

Final Thoughts on How to Cover a Mirror in the Bedroom

So, there you have it – 11 fantastic ideas to cover a mirror in your bedroom.

Whether you’re looking to completely hide it or incorporate it into your bedroom’s decor, these options offer style and functionality.

Remember, it’s all about reflecting your unique style and personality. Choose the one that resonates with you the most, and transform your bedroom into a cozy, stylish haven.

Happy decorating!

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