How to Decorate Entryway Bench

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Your entryway sets the tone for the entire living space, and the entryway bench, often an underestimated piece, can play a pivotal role in making a stylish statement.

Whether you’re aiming for functionality, a touch of elegance, or a personalized atmosphere, these tips will guide you through the process of turning your entryway bench into a stylish and organized space that reflects your unique taste.

In this article, we’ll explore 11 of the best ways to decorate your entryway bench, as well as some additional tips and tricks to help you create a beautiful and welcoming space.

So if you’re ready to transform your entryway into a warm and inviting space, keep reading for some great ideas and inspiration!

11 Best Ways on How to Decorate Entryway Bench

1. Use Baskets for Storage

Entryway Bench

Adding baskets underneath your entryway bench is such a practical way to decorate. Use fabric bins, woven baskets, or storage containers that fit the bench dimensions. These provide handy spots to stash hats, gloves, shoes and anything else that gets dumped at the door when you come inside. Keeping these items organized in baskets makes the area look tidy. You can label the baskets if that helps family members return things to their proper spot. When guests visit, you won’t have a jumbled mess of stuff piled on the floor around your bench.

2. Add Throw Pillows

Tossing some throw pillows onto your entryway bench instantly makes it look more inviting. Play around with different pillow arrangements until you find a style you love. Stick to two or three complementary colors that match the rest of your decor. Textured pillows or ones with subtle patterns add visual depth and dimension. If you have kids or pets, consider washable pillow covers so you can easily launder them as needed. Fluff and rearrange the pillows seasonally to give your entry a fresh new look.

3. Display Artwork Above

entryway design ideas

Artwork is an ideal way to personalize your entryway bench area. Float a few framed family photos on the wall above the bench to welcome guests with snapshots of your loved ones. Or hang some nature art prints if your decor scheme leans more to the organic side. Choosing pieces in calm colors like tan, gray and light blue promotes a peaceful arrival. Don’t overload the wall with too many clashing items. Aim for a cohesive gallery-style wall that draws people in. Frames should coordinate, so use metallics or stained wood finishes for visual unity. The bench artwork sets the tone for the style of the rest of your home.

4. Greenery and Plants

entryway design ideas

Incorporating some fresh greenery is an effortless way to decorate your entryway bench zone. A bright green potted plant positioned next to the bench generates an inviting outdoor garden vibe. Low-maintenance succulents or air plants provide lush appeal without having to fuss with watering needs too often. Leafy emerald pothos trailing down from a hanging planter also juice up the ambiance. Tall vases stuffed with bold branches, dried grasses or bamboo sticks make excellent area focal points. Create fun seating for additional guests with a backless bench filled with plush decorative cushions and gorgeous green wreaths encircling each end.

5. Install Lighting Above

Proper illumination sets the stage for an entryway your guests will admire. Install sconces or pendant lights above the bench to bathe the area in an inviting glow. Wall sconces work especially well flanking a decorative mirror or art piece centered over the bench. Seek out fixtures with adjustable heads to angle light where you need it most. You can go for vintage appeal with curlicue wrought iron sconces or try drum pendants in on-trend brass for contemporary flair. Make sure lighting is bright enough for handling things like keys and umbrellas, but soft enough for comfortable conversation with company. Dimmer switches allow you to alter mood lighting. Bracket the bench with golden lantern sconces evoking a welcoming front porch style.

6. Use a Patterned Rug

An area rug underneath your entryway bench defines the furnishing arrangement and instantly classes up the look. Scout for durable, easy-care rug fabrics that can handle high-traffic areas. Jute and seagrass rugs add organic texture in neutral hues perfect for showcasing a bold bench cushion or throw pillows without competing. High-contrast geometric patterns make the space eye-catching. Try a sisal rug with red accents complementing your bench pillows or curtains. Flaunt your playful side with a punch needle rug sporting folksy animal motifs or kid-friendly themes. You can even use rug tape to secure a large remnant square of carpet underneath a built-in bench to protect existing flooring.

7. Upgrade With Bench Cushion

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Picking a cushy bench cushion upgrades a standard bench into a comfortable spot for removing shoes or resting packages before heading deeper into your home. Visit fabric stores to select the perfect pattern that pulls the entryway scheme together. Velvets and tapestries in jewel-toned hues give off relaxing vibes for a sanctuary-style skirted bench. Linen or cotton fabrics suit breezy cottage themes. Leather lends sophisticated swagger to a storage bench styled with hardwood accents. Add a layer of batting inside the cushion cover for extra density and structure. Look for replaceable cushion covers in case of spills, stains or faded color from sunlight. A beautiful bench cushion invites one to stay a while and unwind.

8. Attach Coat Hooks

Installing coat hooks above your entryway bench achieves a practical yet stylish accent. Position sturdy hooks adequately spaced apart and anchored securely to wall studs. Coat hooks allow guests to stash outerwear scarves, purses and hats quickly. You can find hooks or wall racks with shelves cleverly designed to hold everything from umbrellas to dog leashes. Seek complete hook sets unified by materials like black wrought iron or wooden hooks with carved details to contribute visual harmony. Stagger their heights for optimal ergonomics. Double up hooks near seating areas if your family entertains frequently. Maintaining organized coat hooks minimizes the inevitable pileup cluttering your beautiful bench.

9. Add a Tray

A tray perched on your entryway bench corrals small objects like sunglasses, jewelry and pocket paraphernalia. Consider the style and size of your bench to select a suitable tray. Rectangular trays work nicely centered on a long console bench against the wall or balanced on an upholstered ottoman. Round trays nestle nicely on intricate iron garden benches to carry the eye upward. Opt for trays with raised edges to prevent items getting knocked off easily. Display natural elements like sea glass, shells or stone eggs along with functional catch-alls for mail and keys. Position a jute rug underneath to define the space and catch drips from wet umbrellas. Trays help reign in messy piles to keep your entry-looking photo shoot ready.

10. Create a Coffee Station

Many entryway benches pull double duty as extra seating options in high-traffic common areas adjacent to front doors. Use this to your advantage by converting your entry bench into a coffee station. Begin with a narrow side table or slender console placed closely to complement the bench shape and size. Add tabletop lighting like cute girandole sconces or even fairy lights above for ambiance. Use this table to showcase cherished books and favorite framed photos along with neatly folded throws. Top it with a tray displaying aromatic candles, coasters and ceramic mugs waiting to be filled with steamy beverages. Hang artwork within view to contemplate while sipping morning coffee. Guests will appreciate this cozy respite space outfitted with creature comforts.

11. Stencil Creative Touches

If you yearn to infuse more personality into your entryway bench, stenciling is an easy DIY approach. Purchase vinyl letter stencils to graffiti a meaningful quote onto your bench. Consider stenciling your family name prominently as a special custom welcome touch for visitors. Flowers, geometric patterns or even farmhouse-styled chickens ornament a bench with a playful flair. Paint just the seat, or extend colors onto side bench panels. Consult design magazines for palette ideas like the tranquil look of light blue lettering against a chocolate-painted bench. Outline the quote in your base color for defined edges. Don’t forget to seal your stenciled designs properly so they withstand wear and tear. Showcase your unique style by DIY stenciling creative designs or sentiments onto your entryway bench.

Additional Tips and Tricks to Decorate Entryway Bench

Here are some additional tips and tricks for decorating an entryway bench:

1. Light It Up

Consider installing lighting inside the bench if it has storage capacity. LED strip lighting brightens up the interior so you can easily see stored items. Battery-operated lights are another option to conveniently illuminate the space.

2. Repurpose Unused Furnishings

Give a second life to an old trunk, window bench or church pew by repurposing it to function as your entryway bench. These often feature charming distressing and immediately carry a sense of history.

3. Built-In Bench

Customize recessed nooks and walls around front doors to embed permanent bench seating. Flank these functional fixtures with decorative sconces, crown molding or wainscoting details.

4. Upholster Bench

Select colorful durable fabrics like canvas or denim to create a cushioned top for basic wood benches. Staple the fabric underneath or use removable/washable cushion covers.

5. Natural Materials

Use baskets, jute rugs, woven woods and other earthy elements to craft an organic modern entryway bench aesthetic. Mix in greenery and neutral tones for calm.

6. Maximize Seating

Arranging cube ottomans or stools near a bench utilizes adjacent empty floor space. More seating accommodates guests removing shoes.

Things You Should Consider to Decorate Entryway Bench

Here are some key things to consider when decorating an entryway bench:

1. Purpose – Will it be used for seating, storage, and displaying decor? Multifunctional?

2. Size & proportions – Make sure the bench fits the space and allows walking clearance. Measure!

3. Lighting – Add lighting above the bench for form & function.

4. Traffic flow – Place the bench so it doesn’t block or hamper entrance pathways.

5. Cohesiveness – Have the bench coordinate with the overall home decor style and color scheme.

6. Functionality – Incorporate features like storage, racks, and hooks as needed.

7. Texture/materials – Consider durable, easy-care woods, metals, and upholstery.

8. Cushions/pillows – Toss on to embellish and make the bench more comfortable.

9. Accessorizing – Use art, baskets, trays & organic elements to finish the look.

10. Focal point – Draw attention to the bench as a statement furniture piece.

Keeping these guidelines in mind will help you decorate an entryway bench like a pro! Start with your list to maximize form and function.

How to Decorate Entryway Bench

Final Thoughts

With some creativity and effort, you can transform any tired entryway bench into a beautiful focal point that expresses your personal style.

Start by evaluating your bench’s purpose, size, and style. Then use clever organization solutions, eye-catching accessories, and decorative finishes to maximize its form and function within your space.

Whether repurposed, built-in, or purchased, your entryway bench can make great first impressions when decorated with intention.

Pull together a cohesive look that sets the tone for your home’s decor as you welcome guests.

Follow the inspiring tips I’ve shared to create an entryway you’ll be eager to show off!

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