11 Signs You Have an Eye for High Level Interior Design

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Do you walk into boutique lobbies or flip through Dwell Magazine picturing how you’d give your own rooms that chic hotel vibe or minimalist coolness?

Do friends constantly compliment your cozy, vintage-infused spaces asking for tips?

If so, you likely possess an innate talent for interior design just waiting to be tapped into even more fully.

Read on for 11 common signs that you have the natural creative ability and instincts of a talented designer.

Sign #1: You Have a Flair for Styling Spaces

Lots of people fill shelves haphazardly without thought or have plain, personality-less rooms. But those with interior design brilliance intuitively select and arrange furnishings in complete, pulled-together magazine-worthy vignettes.

Like pairing gleaming brass animal decor atop a distressed wood console for visual interest. And dressing bedscapes just-so with lush textiles and curated bedside objects.

If you naturally style bookcases, dressers, mantels and more into captivating focal points – you have this special styling knack indicative of design talent.

Take this skill further by consciously focusing on creating elegantly composed vignettes anytime you acquire new decorative items. Make a mental note if some spots feel lackluster. Then build layered, thoughtful tableaus piece-by-piece using scale, color and texture principles.

Sign #2: You See Design Potential Everywhere

Most homeowners groan about oddly angled walls or challenging spaces. But if quirky architecture and restrictive square footage excite rather than deter you, it reveals your interior visualization gifts.

You picture an awkward corner nook as the perfect kids’ reading cave. Or see boring basement ceilings as a blank slate for wood beams and funky lighting elements. If you brainstorm clever spatial solutions or custom builds where others see headaches – you have designer DNA waiting to shine.

Go with those wacky wall indentation built-in bookcase visions! Start a notebook to sketch when spatial inspiration strikes. Drafting early iterations gets creative juices flowing faster. And don’t second-guess zany ideas – some may blossom into your coolest projects ever.

Sign #3: You Have a Gift for Spatial Planning

If you effortlessly imagine furnishings rotated in various ways until mentally settling on the optimal position and flow, you have excellent inherent spatial skills that designers rely on. This spatial cognition lets you perfectly place seating to spotlight conversation areas and avoid clunky furniture “traffic jams.”

It guides smooth lighting layouts illuminating the most flattering spots. And you intuitively incorporate adequate work triangles into kitchens and sufficient circulation space in tight areas.

Trust those mental room plans your mind’s eye keeps feeding you! Start roughly mocking up layout options with painter’s tape outlines on the floor before committing. You likely already have the visual-spatial knack to smoothly arrange furnishings, but mocking up iterations will sharpen your confidence.

Sign #4: You’re a Wizard at Lighting

Most homeowners stick a basic overhead fixture in each room and call it done. But magical interior designers artfully layer light for aesthetic appeal and functional ambiance design.

If intuitively you install sconces flanking beds for atmospheric reading nooks, swap out recessed kitchen lighting for pendant masterpieces, or implement dimmers creating customizable lighting “scenes”, you wield wizard-worthy talents.

Beautiful illumination can make or break the overall feeling of a space. And you likely have spectacular spatial design instincts around both task lighting needs plus accent and mood lighting.

Sign #5: You Have Creativity in Spades

Mere mortals see a piano as just a bulky musical instrument. But gifted spatial visionaries view that baby grand as having untapped storage or display potential!

If your mind perpetually churns out innovative solutions for maximizing form and function like utilizing old piano parts reinvented as shelving brackets – you have creativity in spades. This fluid ideation skill lets designers fully customize rooms around owners’ needs in new unexpected ways.

Document your spur-of-the-moment ideas somewhere before they vaporize! Repurposing those random fleeting visions for stair rail planters or unused fireplace inglenook transformations often leads to your most imaginative projects.

Sign #6: You Have an Instinct for What Sells

Walk through model homes and you likely wander room-to-room musing what prospective owners will love rather than simply seeing staged spaces. “That neutral palette will appeal to maximalists who’ll infuse lots of color.” “This crafted kitchen is a huge selling point for serious cooks.”

If your gut intuitively knows how to accentuate features different demographics swoon over whether families, creatives, entertainers or retirees – you have special spatial marketing gifts.

Sign #7: You Geek Out Over Materials & Finishes

Average folks see floors as merely hardwood or tile, but spatial geniuses admire grout texture variations, intricate stain patinas or polished concrete sheens.

If you obsess about surfaces like Carrara marble movement patterns, tactile woven textiles or reclaimed wood grain – you have designer DNA. This materials obsession paired with your likely intuition for selecting perfect finishes to match a room’s aesthetic makes you a wizard.

Embrace full-on geeking out whenever you discover alluring new materials from recycled leather to creative concrete dye applications!

Study images online noticing what finish elements speak to you and why. Soon you’ll have an enhanced vocabulary for articulating your textural passions.

Sign #8: You Have Contagious Enthusiasm

It’s obvious when true design talent enters a space because their spark is electric. If everyone eagerly flocks around your sketches for slate mosaic kitchen backsplashes or built-in library wall concepts wanting to know more, you have rare magnetism.

Your zest doesn’t provoke procrastination like some relentless idea people. Instead, your authentic excitement around imagined possibilities helps friends catch the DIY bug too.

Sign #9: You Have Impeccable Color Sense

Do friends constantly ask how you pull off using complex jewel tones like amethyst or coral so seamlessly?

If you flawlessly balance rich saturated or unexpected hues in ways that make rooms glow rather than feeling chaotic, you have extraordinary color intuition. This painters’-eye skill lets you assemble multi-colored accent pillow groupings or art arrangements with harmony.

And mix modern Chartreuse dining chairs with vintage Persian rugs without things feeling messy. You likely have spatial instincts guiding ideal wall colors to maximize brightness, dimension or coziness room-to-room.

Sign #10: You Source the Best Decor

Some see junk shops as filled with, well, junk. But those with discerning eyes spot diamonds in the rough everywhere from thrift stores to antique malls to garage sales.

If you perpetually discover distinctive accessories perfect for infusing character into rooms – like deco lamp bases ideal for DIY upgrades or unique carved chests other buyers passed by – you have this sourcing gift common among iconic interior designers.

Challenge yourself to spot untapped “ugly duckling” potential in odd items most ignore next time you shop budget locales. See that gaudy hand-painted tray as a blank canvas for modernizing with matte spray paint and sleek handles.

Or imagine embellishing a drab thrifted mirror frame as a custom showstopper focal point. Unleashing hidden charisma in oddballs foreshadows magic!

Sign #11: You Make Magic from Limitations

Give many homeowners a small remake budget and creativity paralyzes them. But those gifted in spatial design are exhilarated to flex imagination muscles crafting disguises for existing elements rather than merely installing new items.

If spatial or fiscal restrictions like tiny powder rooms to overhaul or outdated oak kitchens only spark brainstorms for clever DIY illusions, cool lightweight tile applications or refinishing possibilities – you have the limitations mindset common among famous designers thriving with constraints.

11 Signs You Have an Eye for High Level Interior Design

Final Thoughts

The more of the above intuitive talents make you nod saying “that’s so me”, the more likely exceptional interior gifts rest within you.

Perhaps you were born with spatial wizard DNA gifting you visions for balancing colors, textures and shapes into sensational interiors.

Or maybe a lifetime subconsciously soaking up images of great rooms in magazines, Pinterest posts and homes has embedded instincts now accessible.

Whatever the genesis, try honing them by doing more home projects and see where your gifts can take you!

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