What Color Curtains Go With Blue Walls

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Looking to perfectly complement blue-painted walls with new curtains? With the right curtain color, you can make a small room appear larger, brighten up a dark corner, or give neutral furnishings a fresh pop of color.

This article covers 21 most attractive curtain colors to pair with popular shades of blue. Whether your style is traditional, modern, minimalist or eclectic, you’ll discover the best curtain shades to match light, navy, royal or sky-blue wall colors.

Learn helpful tips to effortlessly incorporate curtains that enhance rooms with blue walls.

With this advice on coordinating curtains to wall colors, easily achieve a polished look for any bedroom, living room or office.

Keep reading to explore the top blue wall curtain colors that designers recommend for outstanding results.

21 Best Curtain Colors for Blue Walls

1. Light Gray Curtains

Light Gray Curtains

Light gray is a soft, neutral hue that will provide a subtle and calming contrast against vivid blue walls. The cool tones of light gray and blue work beautifully together to create a relaxing vibe in your space. Gray curtains will nicely complement most decor.

2. White Curtains

White Curtains

You can never go wrong with crisp, bright white curtains paired with blue walls. The classic color combination evokes images of cloudless summer skies. White has a fresh, open look that makes rooms appear larger and brighter.

3. Cream Curtains

Cream Curtains

Warm cream curtains lend a sunny touch against your blue walls. Cream has vintage charm and versatility to match farmhouse, traditional or modern decor. The soft hue keeps your room feeling cozy rather than stark.

4. Tan Curtains

Tan Curtains

Earthy tan curtains add a pleasant neutral contrast to cool blue walls. Tan telegraphs a feeling of the great outdoors that’s perfect for a living room or bedroom. For variety, look for tan curtains with fun red or navy accents.

5. Light Green Curtains

Light Green Curtains

Delicate light green curtains provide just enough color contrast against blue walls without going overboard. Light green has a relaxing, nature-inspired vibe perfect for a bedroom retreat. Try pairing with leafy botanical prints.

6. Black Curtains

Black Curtains

How can black curtains work with blue walls, you ask? Amazingly well! Black adds a modern, fashionable edge. The bold color contrast of black against light blue is eye-catching. Blackout curtains in black can help darken a bright, airy blue room.

7. Aqua Curtains

Aqua Curtains

Match your aqua curtains seamlessly to similarly colored blue walls for a soothing, spa-like atmosphere. Or, pair them with brighter navy or royal blue walls for more contrast. Aqua looks fresh yet adaptable to balance colorful boho decor.

8. Light Blue Curtains

Light Blue Curtains

Double up on serene blues with both light blue curtains and walls. Choose a lighter blue for curtains paired with a deeper blue on walls. Coordinate with other pastel decor and natural wood accents for a beach cottage feel.

9. Navy Blue Curtains

Navy Blue Curtains

Anchors away! Rich navy blue always complements lighter blue walls elegantly. Navy accents add gravitas to balance airy, bright rooms. Try combining navy curtains with crisp white trims and linens for preppy style. Or accent with warm metallics for dramatic effect.

10. Light Yellow Curtains

Light Yellow Curtains

Cheerful light yellow curtains lend a sunny splash of contrasting color against blue walls. Pale yellow keeps the room feeling bright and uplifting. Add yellow throw pillows on neutral furniture to really make this color pairing sing.

11. Blush Pink Curtains

Blush Pink Curtains

Pretty in pink! Dusty rose or blush pink curtains provide just the right hint of contrast against blue walls. The pairing suggests spring blossoms and blue skies. Florals, natural wood decor and white linens enhance the romantic charm.

12. Beige Curtains

Beige Curtains

Dependable beige may seem neutral but has added warmth against cool blue walls. Beige is versatile enough to coordinate well with any style, from modern to farmhouse to minimalist. Pair beige window treatments with wood furniture and pops of orange for fabulous contrast.

13. Floral Yellow Curtains

Floral Yellow Curtains

Vibrant yellow floral curtains make for an eye-catching counterpoint to calm blue walls. The energizing color combination evokes sunshine and daisies to enliven any room’s atmosphere. Upbeat yellow floral prints feel fresh in kitchens, bedrooms and living spaces alike.

14. Red and White Stripe Curtains

Red and White Stripe Curtains

Nautical red and white striped curtains lend a breezy, seaside complement to coastal-hued blue walls. The color combination signals sun, sand and summer even if you live far inland! Crisp white trim makes this pairing crisp enough for almost any room.

15. Brown Pattern Curtains

Brown Pattern Curtains

Rich solid brown or warm brown patterned curtains handsomely accent light blue walls. Earthy brown hues contrast with cool blues but share an adaptable, welcoming vibe. Try chocolate brown textures like velvet for bedrooms or linen for living rooms. Distressed wood furnishings fit right in!

16. Turquoise Curtains

Turquoise Curtains

Make a bold color statement by matching vivid turquoise curtains to equally bright teal or aqua-blue walls! The high-energy combination pairs especially well with sleek modern decor. Textured rugs, mirrored furniture and chrome accents polish the look.

17. Greige Curtains

Greige Curtains

“Greige” refers to hues that blend gray and beige for the perfect neutral. These versatile greige curtains complement blue walls attractively. Greige has enough warmth to stand apart from blue without clashing. The flexible, minimalist color allows room accessories and wall art to claim the spotlight.

18. Taupe Curtains

Taupe Curtains

Subtle taupe curtains enrich lighter blue walls with an earthy, cozy feel. With undertones of brown, rosy gray and sand, taupe offers a neutral backdrop to highlight vibrant art, floor coverings and furnishings in bolder hues. The soothing color combo invites relaxation.

19. Orange Curtains

Orange Curtains

Vibrant orange makes a dramatic splash against blue walls in modern or eclectic rooms! The zesty color combination energizes any space and encourages creativity. Coordinate with abstract art, sleek shapes and clean lines for maximum impact. Orange gives blue hues extra pizzazz.

20. Brick Brown Curtains

Brick Brown Curtains

Deep brick brown curtains provide bold contrast to lighter blue walls yet share an approachable charm. The rich color combination feels welcoming and timeless. Brick brown wood blinds balance airy blue rooms with down-to-earth elegance. Flowery accent fabrics connect the earthy and ethereal hues.

21. Gold Curtains

Gold Curtains

Shimmering gold curtains glitter brightly against light blue walls for show-stopping drama! The pairing brings Old World extravagance to modern spaces. Sophisticated gold damask or sheers stand out crisply against pale blue. Luxe gold set against azure reads glamorous and feminine.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you have lots of stylish options when it comes to selecting the perfect curtain color for your blue walls.

Neutral shades like light gray, cream and tan offer an easygoing elegance that works with any style. For a splash of color, try light green, aqua, or navy blue.

Feel like making a vibrant statement? Opt for floral yellow, turquoise or brick brown. The combinations are endless.

With this comprehensive guide’s curtain color recommendations in your back pocket, you can infuse any blue-walled room with your unique flair.

So explore all the possibilities with confidence, and don’t be afraid to get creative! The right curtains can truly transform the look and feel of your special space.

What Color Curtains Go With Blue Walls

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