What Color Curtains Go With White Walls

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Looking for the perfect curtains to match your white walls? With so many curtain colors to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find ones that work.

This article covers the 17 top-rated curtain colors that designers recommend for white walls. From bright and neutral shades to complementary hues that pop, there’s an option for every style.

Learn which curtain colors effortlessly elevate an all-white space, whether you want to keep things light and airy or make a bold color statement.

With insider tips on textures and fabrics, this guide makes it easy to pick timeless curtains that enhance white walls.

17 Best Curtain Colors For White Walls

1. White Curtains

White Curtains

White on white can create a bright, airy feel. All-white decor helps small spaces appear larger. White curtains keep the room light and match with any accent color you choose. Feel free to add pops of color with artwork, pillows, or flowers.

2. Off-White Curtains

Off-White Curtains

Off-white curtains soften harsh white walls. The slight variation in tone makes the space cozier. Creamy off-white shades like ivory or oatmeal work well with many color schemes from traditional to modern. Add some texture with natural fiber curtains.

3. Patterned Black and White Curtains

Patterned Black and White Curtains

Nothing is more classic than black and white. Graphic print curtains in this color combo add visual interest. Scale is everything – choose small patterns for small spaces and make a statement with oversized motifs in bigger rooms. A black-and-white palette allows for punches of color.

4. Silver Gray Curtains

Silver Gray Curtains

Airly, neutral silver gray nicely bridges white walls with dark furniture. Silver gray mixes well with other cool colors like sage green, light blue, and lilac. For a bit of shine, select silver-gray satin curtains. Or opt for textured curtains to contrast with smooth drywall.

5. Cream Curtains

Cream Curtains

Cream is a warmer alternative to stark white. Cream curtains impart a traditional countryside feel. Nubby sheer cream curtains offer privacy without sacrificing light. Or select rich cream blackout curtains for the bedroom. Accent with natural textures like wood furniture and sisal rugs.

6. Beige Curtains

Beige Curtains

Nothing is more flexible than beige when paired with white walls. Lighter beiges keep the room bright and cheery. Darker beiges offer a nice contrast. Choose solid beige curtains or patterns with beige backgrounds. Then accessorize with your favorite colors as beige works with almost anything.

7. Floral Cream Curtains

Floral Cream Curtains

Creamy white blossoms on a soft cream background curtain fabric instantly feminize a space. Floral curtains also effortlessly blend with existing white decor. Choose a small-scale ditsy print for a romantic cottage feel or oversized blooms for graphic impact.

8. Floral Blue Curtains

Floral Blue Curtains

White walls serve as perfect backdrops for vibrant patterned curtains. Royal blue curtains with white and yellow flowers pop against a white wall for a fresh color combination. Or opt for a muted blue-gray background to subtly pick up the cool tones in your white decor.

9. Navy Blue Curtains

Navy Blue Curtains

Navy blue offers a classic yet versatile curtain option for white walls. Navy spans the spectrum from preppy to sophisticated. Soft textured navy curtains impart a casual vibe. While glossy satin navy radiates refined elegance. Use navy to ground brighter accent colors.

10. Dusty Pink Curtains

Dusty Pink Curtains

Dusty rose or blush pink curtains bridge traditional white and trendy gray walls. The inherent warmth of pink contrasts pleasingly with crisp white. Dusty pink flatters most wood tones. And as a neutral, it allows for almost any accent shade like mint, yellow or pale blue.

11. Baby Blue Curtains

Baby Blue Curtains

Sweet baby blue curtains keep a white room looking bright and cheerful. Pair light, icy blue curtains with crisp white woodwork and furniture for a timeless coastal aesthetic. Or opt for an ombre effect fading white to blue. Then accent with seashells.

12. Olive Green Curtains

Olive Green Curtains

White walls allow olive green curtains to take center stage. The natural earthy tone and versatility of olive make it a great choice. Mix textured linens with cotton velvet olive curtains tied back with neutral tassels. Accent with wood furniture and a jute rug.

13. Gray and White Striped Curtains

Gray and White Striped Curtains

Nothing could be easier than a classic gray and white stripe paired with more white in the form of walls. Depending on the width and contrast of stripes, the look can be nautical and casual or elegant and formal. Gray and white work season after season.

14. Mauve Curtains

Mauve Curtains

Mauve has the same muting effect of gray without sacrificing warmth. So mauve curtains strike an ideal balance with white walls. Pale mauve reads neutral while deep purple-grays make more of a contrast statement. Textured linen-look mauve curtains offer laidback appeal.

15. Bright Pink Floral Curtains

Bright Pink Floral Curtains

Vibrant pink blossoms make the ultimate accent against white backdrops. Combine the femininity of floral print with bright pink on sheer white curtains for a stunning display of contrast. Bold pink offers drama while the sheerness prevents overwhelming.

16. Lilac Curtains

Lilac Curtains

Pale purple or lilac is a trending color choice pairing beautifully with ubiquitous gray and white interiors. Soft blurred floral lilac curtains tie the colors together in a less expected way. The cooler tones in lilac also maintain the light ethereal quality of white.

17. Yellow Curtains

Yellow Curtains

White walls present the perfect opportunity to add an infusion of cheer with yellow curtains. Bright goldenrod radiates warmth. Paler lemon and buttercream read springlike. Sheer voile cottage-style floral yellow curtains prevent overwhelming white spaces.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to selecting the perfect curtain color for white walls, you have lots of great options.

Neutral tones like white, cream, and gray keep things light and airy. For contrast, go for navy blue, black and white patterns, or olive green.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright shades like yellow, pink, and lilac either.

The most important thing is choosing curtains in colors and fabrics that complement your existing decor. Consider the mood you want to set as well.

Ultimately though, you really can’t go wrong pairing curtains with crisp white walls. So have fun testing out different color combinations until you find your perfect match!

What Color Curtains Go With White Walls

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