Incorporate Space-Saving Floor Lamps

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Proper lighting can make all the difference in a bedroom. The right lamps create an inviting ambiance, provide illumination for tasks, and even improve safety in the room.

Floor lamps are a stylish and flexible lighting option that can be positioned in a variety of spots to enhance your space.

In this article, we’ll overview 11 of the best places to situate floor lamps in the bedroom for optimal function and style. Read on for tips and ideas to thoughtfully illuminate your relaxing oasis.

Where to Put Floor Lamp in Bedroom

11 Best Places to Put Floor Lamps in Bedroom

1. On both sides of the bed

On both sides of the bed

I’m a big fan of symmetry when it comes to bedroom decor. Putting matching floor lamps on either side of the bed creates a really stylish, pulled-together look. It’s also super functional – having lamps on both sides means easy access to light whether you’re lounging against the headboard reading or getting in and out of bed in the middle of the night.

2. In the reading nook

In the reading nook

If you’ve got a nice cozy chair or loveseat tucked away in a reading nook, a floor lamp is a must. Position it right next to your seat, leaving about a foot of breathing room. This way you can angle the light perfectly for reading without getting a crick in your neck from strange lighting angles.

3. By the dresser

We all need good lighting for putting on makeup, doing our hair, and selecting outfit options – a floor lamp by your dresser is perfect for those tasks. Place it near the side where you sit and style yourself, but leave a couple of feet between so you don’t accidentally knock it over in the morning rush.

4. In a bedroom corner

In a bedroom corner

Sometimes a floor lamp in an empty corner is all you need to fill the whole room with ambiance gently. The light bounces off the walls, adding a warm glow without needing overhead lights. Try it out if you have a spare corner!

5. Alongside tall furniture

Strategically placing a floor lamp next to a tall dresser or bookshelf can really accentuate and bring focus to that piece of furniture. The pool of light highlights and illuminates the details. Just be sure to leave enough space between the lamp and furniture so the cord isn’t strained.

6. Next to the armchair

Next to the armchair

For a cozy reading spot, put a floor lamp within arm’s reach of a favorite lounge chair. That way you can adjust the angle and brightness without getting up. About 1-2 feet between the chair and lamp gives you flexibility without crowding the space.

7. Along the wall

Along the wall

If you need some general ambient lighting in the bedroom, try placing a floor lamp midway down one of the walls. Leaving 3-4 feet between it and any other furniture gives the light room to spread.

8. Near the closet

Setting up a floor lamp near the entrance to your closet is super handy for when you’re selecting outfits. No more squinting into the dark depths trying to match tops and bottoms!

9. Near the nightstand

Putting a floor lamp on the side of the nightstand away from the bed provides an alternative to table lamps if needed. It can be turned on and off without disturbing your partner.

10. In front of a window

In front of a window

Positioning a floor lamp near the front edge of a window provides nice localized lighting if you want to look outside at night. The strategic placement prevents glare on the window so you can see clearly.

11. Beside the bedroom door

A floor lamp next to the door is handy if you need illumination when entering or exiting the room. No more fumbling for a light switch in the dark!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the ideal height for a bedroom floor lamp?

The best height is typically 60-75 inches – this allows the light to shine above seated eye level and spread effectively throughout the room from most angles.

2. How far should floor lamps be from walls and furniture?

Leave at least 12 inches between floor lamps and adjacent walls or furniture pieces to allow proper ventilation and clearance for adjusting or moving the light.

3. What type of floor lamp is best for a small bedroom?

For compact bedrooms, choose floor lamps with minimalist or thin poles to occupy less floor space – arc floor lamps that direct light upward work great as well.

4. Are swing arm floor lamps good for bedrooms?

Yes, swing arm floor lamps allow excellent adjustability to direct the light precisely where needed in a bedroom.

5. How do I choose the right light bulb color for a bedroom floor lamp?

Opt for soft white 2700-3000K light bulbs in bedroom floor lamps to provide a warm, inviting glow instead of the harsh bluish tint from daylight bulbs.

6. Should I put floor lamps in bedroom corners?

Placing floor lamps diagonally in bedroom corners utilizes the space beautifully by bouncing soft illumination off both walls to fill the room with ambient lighting.

7. What style lamp goes well next to a chair for reading?

Swing arm floor lamps with adjustable heads are perfect for placing within arm’s reach of a favorite reading chair so you can direct the light precisely where needed.

Final Thoughts

Creating a well-lit bedroom that meets both aesthetic and functional needs requires thoughtful placement of lighting fixtures.

Floor lamps provide flexible options that can be incorporated throughout the space for ambient glow, task lighting, and general illumination.

Take advantage of the many vertical surfaces, seating areas, and existing furniture pieces when determining ideal floor lamp positions.

Use these tips and ideas to shed new light on your relaxing oasis.

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