What Color Curtains Go with Tan Walls

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Searching for the perfect curtain colors to complement your tan walls?

With versatile tan being one of the most popular neutral wall colors, it can pair beautifully with a wide spectrum of fabrics.

Cool blues, crisp whites, earthy sages, or vivid corals—the options feel endless.

But some shades inevitably create more harmony and visual interest than others against golden beiges, greenish khakis, or sandy browns.

Before investing time and money into new tan wall-ready curtains, consider factors like your room’s purpose and lighting.

Understand how colors can optimize mood and dimensionality through high/low contrast. And think about tones within colors that pick up on the unique undertones present in your specific tan wall color.

I’ll cover all this and more, plus guide you through 18 top curtain color choices for illuminating and enhancing tan walls elegantly.

Read on for insights, ideas, and inspiration when deciding: what color curtains go with tan walls?

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Understanding Tan Walls

You probably know that tan walls live in a nebulous middle ground between light and dark, warm and cool. But there’s more depth to tan than may meet the eye at first glance. Before deciding what curtain color to pair with your tan walls, getting clear on precisely what kind of tan you’re working with is key.

Take a look at your tan walls under natural daylight. Are they more of a light khaki or do they veer into greige territory? Do you pick up overt golden, red, or olive undertones? The specific shade and undertone of tan make a difference in choosing complementary fabrics. A soft tannish-grey brings out different colors than a tan with a subtle greenish cast.

You’ll also want to think about the vibe of the space – do those tan walls read warm, cool, or neutral? Think about the mood you want to create as well. A cozy, inviting tan paired with equally earthy curtains gives off a more casual warmth than crisp tan walls decorated with light airy drapes. The tan walls themselves set the foundation.

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Getting precise on the exact tan tone and thinking about the general feeling you want the space to have will equip you to now move into curtain pairings with confidence. Read on for considerations when it comes to choosing curtain colors for tan walls in your unique home.

Things To Consider When Choosing Curtain Colors for Tan Walls

Here are some key considerations when choosing curtain colors for tan walls:

Lighting Conditions

The amount and type of natural and artificial light your room gets will impact which curtain colors look best. If very little light comes in, bold saturated curtains can make the space feel dark and closed in. For low-light rooms, lighter or more neutral curtains keep things airy.

Room Purpose

Think about how the space will be used – a cozy bedroom or dining room can handle richer, darker curtain colors than an open casual living area or bright kitchen. Formal spaces tend to align with more saturated classical curtain colors while casual rooms give you more freedom.

Personal Preference

While some curtain colors complement tan walls better than others in general, don’t overlook personal inclination. If you love blue – different shades of blue curtains could be gorgeous with tan walls, even if it’s not a traditional go-to pairing. Let your own taste guide you.

Flow With Other Finishes

Make sure to consider how potential curtain colors work with other finishes in the room like floors, furniture pieces and decorative items. You’ll usually want some coordination for a pulled-together feel. If your floors have a reddish tone for example, curtains with a subtle red undertone can tie everything together beautifully.

Experiment with Samples

Don’t underestimate getting fabric swatches of curtain colors you’re considering and looking at them in the actual room. Colors can take on different properties in real life. Order samples online or get creative at a craft store to test options.

Trust Your Instincts

Even with all the considerations around the best curtain colors for tan walls, trusting your personal instincts can pay off. You’ll be looking at these curtains every day after all. If a less traditional color scheme calls to you – go for it.

18 Best Curtain Colors for Tan Walls

1. White Curtains

White Curtains for Tan Walls

A crisp white curtain breathes fresh air into a room with tan walls. The high contrast between the off-white walls and stark white fabric makes both elements pop. White also illuminates lighter tan shades.

All-white curtains aligned with light oak wood furniture and accents with a naturally light tan wall color make a space feel cheerful and airy. Or make a dramatic statement with glowing white curtains on darker tan walls and marble floors.

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2. Navy Blue Curtains

Navy Blue Curtains for Tan Walls

From bright to dusty shades, navy blue never fails to complement and enhance tan walls. The classic color pairing lends itself to traditional aesthetics and modern minimalist ones.

Royal navy curtains give a regal accent to reddish tan walls in a bedroom or dining room. Or go for a weathered blue-grey navy that speaks to the subtle olive tones in some tannish paints and woods.

3. Cream Curtains

Cream Curtains for Tan Walls

Cream is an expected match for tan walls, but still a versatile one. shades of cream contain dulled-down elements of tan itself, making them inherently cohesive.

Incorporate white, grey and beige-toned cream curtains with dark walnut floors and trim to contrast mid-range tan wall colors in living spaces and home offices. Or opt for warm cream curtains with red undertones to partner with golden tan walls.

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4. Black Buffalo Check Curtains

Black Buffalo Check Curtains for Tan Walls

The popular buffalo check print takes on a charming cottage feel with its black-and-white palette. Ana an unexpected match for tan walls, it brings stylish flair.

Lean into the country charm with checked curtain accent pieces mixed with solids on golden tan dining room walls with wood plank floors. Or make a contemporary statement by blending modern black and white buffalo check curtains with several shades of tan.

5. Light Yellow Curtains

Light Yellow Curtains for Tan Walls

Pastel yellow brings warmth into a space without overpowering lighter tan walls. Together they create a welcoming sunny atmosphere. The sweet hue opens up any room.

Incorporate sheers or layered curtains in buttery yellow tones, picking up the golden aspects often found in tan wall colors. Gauzy yellow curtains softly filter light beautifully next to windows in a tan bedroom or living area.

6. Burnt Orange Curtains

Burnt Orange Curtains for Tan Walls

For those who prefer tan walls to skew warm, burnt orange curtains make a bold and energizing statement full of vibrancy. The colors enhance each other beautifully.

Make a design statement by lining the windows with rich burnt orange curtains in a predominantly tan dining room or library. No other accent color is needed when these two deep shades play off each other dynamically.

7. Mustard Yellow Curtains

Mustard Yellow Curtains for Tan Walls

Mustard yellow wheels both golden yellow and spicy brownish-orange into one color, making it very at home with common tan wall shades that often contain elements of each.

Velvety mustard curtains give pizazz to a casual living room with their yellow brightness and orange groundedness. Or match them with outdoor patio furniture and accessories against tan stucco walls.

8. Textured Neutral Curtains

Textured Neutrals Curtains for Tan Walls

Sometimes the best match for tan’s adaptability is an equally versatile textured neutral curtain. Soft oat colored knits for example complement most shades of tan without a fuss.

Incorporate naturally textured linen curtains for an organic feel with red-undertone tan wall colors and clay tiles. Distressed burlap in beige-greige hues would pair beautifully with more muted oatmeal tan walls too.

9. Turquoise Curtains

Turquoise Curtains for Tan Walls

Perky turquoise makes for an unexpected pop of color that still jives beautifully with most tan wall shades from light khaki to deeper clay tones. The pairing is fresh but not harsh or overly saturated.

Vivid aqua curtains make window spaces in a tan living room or bedroom really stand out while still harmonizing thanks to turquoise sharing some golden/green aspects you often see subtly in tan wall colors.

10. Baby Blue Curtains

Baby Blue Curtains for Tan Walls

Sweet sky blue is another unexpected tandem that brings out a lighter tan with a clean breezy feel. Some shades of tan contain a hint of blue which makes the colors innately pleasing together despite breaking convention.

Hang baby blue linen curtains in nurseries or bedrooms with soft tan walls for a gender-neutral soothing effect. Pale blue-gray curtains would illuminate cappuccino tan-painted rooms as well.

11. Brown Curtains

Brown Curtains for Tan Walls

Shades of brown seem designed for tandem with walls of tan which live in similar earthy color families but with more red and/or green pigment influencing the exact hue. Rich walnut curtains would both contrast and complement tan.

Deep chocolate brown velvet curtains make quite a bold statement against lighter tan walls for a moody luxurious effect. Or caramel brown curtains pick up the subtle red warmth found in many classic tan wall shades.

12. Burgundy Curtains

Burgundy Curtains for Tan Walls

Like brown, shades of burgundy contain many of the same color pigments as typical tan walls, like red, green and brown – making them fast friends. Burgundy pops against tan bringing richness.

Pair maroon red curtains with green undertone tan wall colors and dark wood trim and floors for a traditional elegant envelope. Dusty pink-toned burgundy looks stunning blending with golden tan walls too.

13. Light Purple Curtains

Light Purple Curtains for Tan Walls

Soft muted purple has a charming haziness about it that allows it to pair pleasingly with versatile tan in ways bolder grape shades don’t dare. Modest purple serves as a pretty neutral.

Mauve curtains look gorgeous hung on double rods with cream sheers illuminating olive-toned tan dining room walls. Lilac curtains could match with either cool or warm leaning tan colors due to purple’s undertone adaptability.

14. Pink Curtains

Pink Curtains for Tan Walls

Sweet but substantial, certain shades of pink like dusty rose and pale blush beautifully accent tan walls across the board from light to dark. Pink brightens up the tan’s mood.

Incorporate airy pink curtain panels in sitting rooms or bedrooms with tan walls and lots of natural light coming in. Soft pink cushions and throws beyond the curtains further carry the color through.

15. Gray Curtains

Gray Curtains for Tan Walls

Gray makes an adaptable subdued match for tan walls of all depths and undertones. For those who prefer a more low-key neutral color scheme punctuated by texture instead of saturated color.

Charcoal curtains paired with caramel tan walls and lots of natural materials like woven shag rugs, linen bedding, and oak wood finishes allow the textures to shine and define the spaces. Dove gray sheers hung over crisp white linen tan dining room curtains soften the scheme further.

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16. Sage Green Curtains

Sage Green Curtains for Tan Walls

Green is an undertone you often see subtly coming through in many tan wall shades, meaning fresh sage pairs beautifully for a harmonious effect. Sage green lightens up the tan as well.

Sage linen curtains work wonders with red clay tan walls and terracotta tile floors in casual rustic kitchens bringing the outdoors inside. Or match soothing sage curtains with creamy tan walls for a pleasant office.

17. Maroon Curtains

Maroon Curtains for Tan Walls

For people drawn to deeper richer colors, maroon makes magic with all depths of tan from light sandy beige to nearly brown cocoa shades. The colors enhance each other with smoldering flair.

Hang velvety maroon blackout curtains in bedrooms with straight brown tan walls and oak floors for a cozy luxurious envelope conducive to sleeping in. Marry Pantone’s 2023 color of the year Viva Magenta curtains with green undertone tan walls in formal living rooms as well.

18. Mauve Curtains

Mauve Curtains for Tan Walls

Like other muted dusty purple tones, mauve aligns beautifully with tan walls in understated harmony. Mauve leans pink which picks up on redness often faintly found in tan wall shades for an innately pleasing pairing.

Incorporate feather light mauve sheers that cast a flattering lavender glow across golden beige tan walls, natural linen bedding and woven wool rugs in airy bohemian bedrooms. The effect is ethereal.

Best Curtain Colors for Tan Walls

Frequently Asked Questions about What Color Curtains Go With Tan Walls

What colors look best with tan walls in a living room?

Popular living room curtain colors for tan walls include navy blue, light grey, cream, sage green, textured neutrals, and even black and white patterns like buffalo check.

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Do white or beige curtains go with tan walls?

Yes, white and beige curtains pair beautifully with tan walls. Crisp white adds nice contrast while beige or cream tones pick up on undertones inherent in tans for a cohesive look.

Should you get patterned or solid curtains for tan walls?

Either patterned or solid curtains can suit tan nicely. It comes down to decorating style and personal preference. Small-scale subtle patterns though tend to complement versatile tan walls particularly well.

What length curtains look best with tan walls?

For most standard room heights, curtains that just kiss the floor or break slightly like puddle curtains (with 1-3 inches pooling) have a nice substantial, elegant look with tan. But again comes down to preference!

Do pink curtains work with tan walls?

They can! Blush pink, dusty rose, pale peach and other soft muted pinks pair attractively with most shades of tan from warm golden beiges to cooler clay-based tans. The colors share an innate harmony.

Is gray too boring with tan walls and what shades work best?

Gray and tan is actually a sophisticated combo. Warmer grays like taupe and greige that share tan’s flexibility look most cohesive. Or go for an intense dark charcoal gray to make tan walls pop.

Should curtains be a shade darker or lighter than tan walls?

It’s typically recommended to go a shade lighter, darker or significantly different to create contrast. But staying in a similar depth to your tan can create visual cohesion. Often comes down to the look you’re going for!

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Final Thoughts

Here is a short conclusion summarizing key points about choosing curtain colors for tan walls:

When it comes to selecting curtain colors to complement versatile tan walls, you have loads of attractive options.

Tandem tones like creamy ivories, rich auburns, steely grays and navy blues make classic combinations that stand the test of time.

Yet don’t shy away from making bolder unexpected choices like perky aquas, muted pinks and energizing mustard yellows if they speak to you.

The best advice is to hold up fabric swatches at home to see colors in your actual lighting and with other finishes in the space.

And think about the mood you hope to achieve through your window treatments whether airy, cozy, minimalist or formal.

Tan provides a lovely adaptable neutral backdrop, now have fun choosing the perfect curtain pairings to bring your rooms happily to life.

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